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• The Maths Mate program is designed for use in schools, from years 3 to 10.
• The Maths Mate program is centred around a weekly worksheet.
• Students systematically revise all skills related to the key mathematical strands at their level.
• Emphasis is placed on the review and gradual development of basic skills so that students keep their skills up to date and teachers need to spend less class time on revision when starting new or subsequent topics.

ATTENTION SCHOOLS - Do not miss out!

Any school who purchases class sets of Maths Mate through a bookshop please contact us direct.
You will be entitled to our complimentary Skill Builder School Licences for the Maths Mate levels that your school is using.

Maths Mate USA

Enter here to visit the Maths Mate USA website  www.mathsmate.com

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Enter here to visit the Maths Mate New Zealand website www.mathsmate.co.nz