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www.squizya.com - Hosts Maths Mate Interactive!

At the heart of sQuizya is the zApp - an interactive module comprising any number and sequence of lessons and self-correcting questions.  
              A zApp can take the shape of a tutorial, worksheet, exercise, project, test, survey or any other educational resource.

How has Maths Mate changed?

Though our content remains the same, sQuizya encompasses our Maths Mate Program by transforming every worksheet into a zApp and every year level book into a zApp Book. Each interactive question takes on one of many formats.

Enjoy the same structure of eight Maths Mate zApps per term; assign one zApp at a time or the entire zApp Book, and choose to offer hints and explanations for each question, including full-worked solutions. 

Handy Hint: Assign work for the current week, term, or plan ahead and assign the whole year’s work at the click of a button!

Once a student has submitted their work, the results are instantly visible to the assigning teacher thanks to our self-correcting questions.

The year levels are not written on the zApps, as all of the Maths Mate books are colour-coded: Red for year 6, Blue for year 7 etc. This means you can assign different books to different students in the same classroom, without any need for students to know who has what.


What about pricing?

You will require a sQuizya subscription, calculated at $6 per user per year, which grants you access to all the features of sQuizya (iQs, races, zApp Creator, results) and all the content that is included at no extra charge. The Maths Mate Interactive zApp Books Years 3 to 10, together with the Maths Mate Tests and Skill Builders form part of this included content.

Save time, engage your students and join the educational revolution that is sQuizya!

How Maths Mate Works

The Maths Mate Program is based on the principle that regular, structured practice helps the development of short and long term memory.  As a result students' mathematical knowledge, skills and problem solving abilities are consolidated and extended through systematic, weekly revision.

1. The Maths Mate sheet is completed.  Parents sign the work.
2. Students correct their work in class.
3. The student record keeping sheets are completed.  Over successive weeks weaknesses in particular skills become evident.
4. Students identify the appropriate Skill Builder as listed on the record keeping sheet.
5. The Skill Builder is completed.  Students are supported with instructions, worked examples, a Glossary and Maths Facts.
6. The Skill Builder is corrected.
7. Testing is available after every four Maths Mate worksheets.
8. Teacher records are maintained for easy reporting to parents.
9. If a student is having difficulty with their problem solving strategies, then the Problem Solving Hints & Solutions can be used by teachers to develop students’ problem solving skills.

Skill Based Learning

All skills acquired by students at each Maths Mate level relate to key mathematical strands.  Being skills based means every major topic is revised every week.

Design Benefits

1. Maths Mate has a consistent structure across all levels.

2. Maths Mate has weekly and long term structure.

Students appreciate the logical progression to more complex concepts.

• Within each Maths Mate sheet (See 6.1.1)                                                                                                             • Throughout each year  (Compare qu 5 -  6.1.1 and 6.4.8)


3. Maths Mate has a diagnostic design.

After correcting their own worksheet each week and marking the boxes at the base, students can easily transfer their results to the corresponding boxes on the record keeping sheets. 
(Student record keeping sheets are provided at the start of each term in the student pad.)

In this way, areas of strength and weakness are highlighted.  Maths Mate Skill Builders have been designed to provide instant help for students so they can better understand and eventually master skills that are causing difficulty.  Skill Builders ease the teacher’s load by reducing the time needed for student remediation. 

Students can complete the appropriate Skill Builder number as listed on the record keeping sheets.

4. Maths Mate has benefits for everyone.

After correcting their own worksheet each week and marking the boxes at the base, students can easily transfer their results to the corresponding boxes on the record keeping sheets. 
(Student record keeping sheets are provided at the start of each term in the student pad.)

• Provides both achievable and challenging levels of work for every student.
• Consolidates skills through frequent and regular practice.
• Increases the student’s ability to interpret questions and problem solve.
• Gives constant practise of the often neglected art of question interpretation.
• Motivates students towards becoming independent learners and taking responsibility for their own progress.
• Assists in the development of good study habits.
• Ensures the availability of professionally presented and structured work.

• Eliminates the need to spend time and effort preparing high quality, sequential material.
• Provides a diagnostic method of assessing student effort, strengths and weaknesses on a regular basis.
• Supports detailed reporting and communication with parents.
• Minimises the need for topic revision each year.
• Presents a consistent program for whole school use.

School Communities
• Provides care givers with clear expectations of the child's mathematical work requirements.
• Encourages partnerships in student learning and progress.