Upcoming PD - Mathematics Re-Imagined Symposium

WHO:  Year 7 & 8 Maths Teachers and Leaders 

WHEN:  Friday, June 18th from 9:00AM to 3:30PM 

WHERE:  Urban Life, 143 Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood VIC (Opposite train station)

WHY:  This engaging hands-on PD is meant to inspire and equip you to re-imagine how maths is delivered in the classroom. 

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Available for 2022 - Maths Mate Textbooks

We are delighted to announce that Maths Mate and Think Square have joined forces to produce our first Maths Mate Textbooks for Years 7 and 8, for the Australian curriculum. These books go beyond fluency and put students in a variety of novel contexts where they can apply what they are learning.

The textbooks are presented as 12 write-on booklets, each providing about 3 weeks work. Each booklet begins with a low-floor high-ceiling challenge that draws students into the topic of study, allowing them to experience discovery for themselves, no matter their place within a mixed ability classroom. Having gained the students’ interest and curiosity, each booklet provides thought-filled lessons that include challenging openers, new skills and exercises.

The textbooks will be available to order from our website and from educational book suppliers in November 2021. 

Please scroll to see the sample pages below!

If your school anticipates using the Maths Mate Textbook in 2022, please indicate numbers below. This will assist our planning to ensure sufficient supplies. 




The Maths Textbook. Re-Imagined




Sample Pages from the Year 7 Textbook