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Maths Mate 4 Student Pad

AuthorJ B Wright

Publication Date31 Oct 2012


• 32 progressive worksheets

• 4 student worksheet results sheets with related Skill Builder links

• Written for the Australian Curriculum

(NOTE: Digital worksheets are for single use only and will be marked with the student's name for their exclusive use. Download links will be generated during business hours once details have been checked.)

Digital material is not available to Bookshops.

Hard copy Student Pads are not available for purchase outside Australia.

The bonus Skill Builder resource is only available in PDF format.

Free with this product Maths Mate 3/4 Skill Builder - 1st Ed.

Hard copy

ISBN: 978 1 921535 51 2
RRP: $13.95
Online Price: $11.95 (Plus delivery)  


ISBN: 978 1 921535 61 1
RRP: $10.95
Online Price: $9.95