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Terms & Conditions

School and Bookseller Orders
An invoice will be sent along with the order and is payable within 30 days of the invoice date. 

Individual Orders
Upfront payment is required from individuals; the order will be shipped once payment is received.

Processing Orders
Digital products are not automatically received once an order is placed.  They need to be manually processed by The Educational Advantage Pty Ltd (TEA) prior to delivery.  PLEASE NOTE: Digital Student Pads are a per-student purchase and will be marked with the individual student’s name for their exclusive use. Class Licences are available to purchase for classes of up to 30 students.

TEA reserves the right to ask for extra information from the person making an order via email, telephone or post-in order to ensure they are permitted to order the product.  There are some products that are exclusive to schools (students cannot order them).  TEA reserves the right to hold off the delivery of the products ordered if the extra information asked for is not received.

Delivery of Products
Hard copy products are shipped most business days throughout November, December and January. During our quieter times, shipping can drop back to once a week. Australia Post can take 2-6 business days to deliver orders, depending on destination.

Delivery of digital products may take up to 5 working days from the date we receive the order, provided that all required information has been received by TEA.

Digital copies are delivered in PDF format only.

Teacher Resources are delivered in PDF format only.

Postage and Handling
Digital delivery is free.
Delivery cost for hard copy orders over $60 is free.
Delivery cost for hard copy orders under $60 is charged at a flat rate of $7.

Refunds are not available for Maths Mate products unless deemed appropriate by TEA.

All prices quoted on this website are in Australian Dollars and are inclusive of GST.

Unless otherwise indicated TEA owns the copyright for the content on this website.  All rights reserved.  Except to the extent permitted by law, please do not copy, print, frame, modify, transmit or distribute the material on this site without prior written consent.