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As a parent, I like this product very much. It is clear and well laid out - the pages are not cluttered and the simplicity and clear font assist children who struggle to focus. Congratulations!

Bronwyn Fotheringham, Parent, Victoria

With the constant development of technology it's so nice to have a mathematics homework program that is consistent, and at the same time supports technology. That it also consistently revises, consolidates, encourages and extends all students, no matter what their ability, is a wonderful advantage of the Maths Mate program.  We encourage students to supply a page of working when we check off their Maths Mates sheets each week and this works really well. The Gold Maths Mate sheets have been a great way to complement our advanced mathematics classes in Years 9 and 10. In the busy lives of students in this day and age they appreciate a mathematics worksheet that they feel confident in tackling, is specific, challenging and interesting.

Kathleen Kemp, Head of Mathematics, Moama Anglican Grammar School

We are totally delighted with Maths Mate. Staff are really starting to recognise just how valuable they are. We use the testing each term. Since these sheets cover all topics at once, it is a fantastic way to keep all topics fresh in students’ minds. We have also noticed how they increase in difficulty throughout the year which is really good as well. I did note that the Year 7 Maths Mate now includes substitution of integers in the algebra question. This is really great. For my super students to maintain getting over 30 correct they have to continually extend their knowledge. We are also using the Skill Builder sheets and passing on the links to parents.

Sue Ditchfield, Maths Learning Area Coordinator, Junior School ‘Teaching and Learning’ Leader, Monbulk College

As a semi-retired teacher who now tutors students, I find your Maths Mates very useful. Each is a neat arrangement of work which is graded well and is just the right quantity of work per unit. The pad arrangement means a completed page can be removed and handed in for marking while the student keeps the remainder to begin work for the next session. I also like your “quote of the week” at the bottom of each page, which brings out some good discussion about attitude and application (and adds to my own large bank of motivational quotes!) Congratulations on a great product which certainly should help to give students an educational advantage.

Terry Butz, semi-retired Teacher/Tutor, Gerringong

Our Year 7 and 8 students are finding the Skill Builders really helpful. These target and help improve specific skills in Maths. It’s so efficient for teachers to be able to direct students to the appropriate Skill Builder based on errors in the weekly Maths Mate worksheets.

Sara Gleeson, Mathematics Domain Leader, St Joseph’s College, Mildura

Maths Mate has improved my ability in every area of maths and has resulted in maths being my favourite subject.

Colleen Marks, Student

My three children started using the program in primary school and continued every year until Year 10. I sincerely believe that Maths Mate is a major contributor to their success in maths. They all have a confidence that comes with consistent repetition and familiarity with each topic area, and the security that they have no holes in their knowledge base. This is invaluable when they enter Year 11 maths where multiple areas are drawn together. I highly recommend Maths Mate to any parent who wishes to help their child achieve their potential and be confident and competent in maths.

Colin Marks, Parent

We really like using the Maths Mate for Year 7 to 10 at our school. It gives us great diagnostics into what each individual child can and cannot do, so we can integrate more meaningful differentiation into our instruction.

Melanie Brooks, Senior Mathematics, Rockhampton Girls Grammar School

We have been using Maths Mate since 2007 with students in our Academic Excellence Program. During this time we have seen a significant improvement in student results for NAPLAN Numeracy, University of NSW and Australian Maths Competitions with some cohorts 20-30% above the state mean. We also use Math Mate in Year 11 and 12 as part of our Queensland Core Skills Test preparation to review and consolidate numeracy skills. Thanks for a wonderful program!

Andrea Hauff, Helensvale State High School, QLD