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Click the button below to access the Maths Mate 2023/24 School Product Catalogue.

Maths Mate textbooks
(Years 7-8)

The Maths Mate Textbook series focuses on bringing maths alive. The context goes beyond fluency and provides students with a variety of novel contexts where they can apply their newly developed skills.


Each Textbook consists of 12 booklets, each offering 2-4 weeks work. Write-on books allow students to complete significantly more work.

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Maths Mate Review Program (Years 3-10)

The beloved Maths Mate Review program brings differentiation to a new level. With its skill based, easy-to-follow structure, students get to review essential topics on a consistent basis, increasing their ability to retain information in the long term.

The easy-to-use progress sheet tracks student's progress and allows both parents and teachers to have a clear view of their strengths and weaknesses. Better yet, the accompanying Skill Builders are designed to provide additional skill based topic work to get each student up to scratch in no time. 

Interactive Maths Mate
(years 3-10)

Designed for the digital classroom, the interactive version of Maths Mate is available on sQuizya. This self-correcting version saves time and provides teachers with a variety of addition features.  


Benefits include the ability to switch students between year levels of the Maths Mate program and access to additional skill based zApps in mathematics, english grammar and Italian; all at no extra cost. 

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