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MAJOR PUZZLE - Fried Circuits

FRIED Circuits

To solve these puzzles, rewire the circuits: 

  • All numbers must be included as part of a wire.

  • The numbers included as part of each wire must add to 10. 

  • No wires may cross or share a space with another wire. 

  • Wires may only run horizontally or vertically.

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Textbook Trial
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Teaching Pack

The Teaching Pack Resource is free to schools who have ordered a minimum class set of textbooks and will be accessible via the Squizya online learning platform and will contain the following: 

  • The complete text of the hard copy booklets in PDF format, annotated with teaching instructions, tips and recommended lesson/activity scheduler

  • Two printable tests for each booklet

  • Sample solutions to the major puzzles

  • Blue and Green Skill Builders

  • Teacher Resources for the "Book 12 REVIEW - Fundamental Skills"

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Online Learning

Squizya is an Interactive and self-correcting online resource for schools. With an annual subscription of $6.00 per user, you have access to the following resources for every year level:

  • Maths Mate Review Program

  • Teacher Resource tests

  •  Skill Builders

  • Textbook review tests (2023) 

Professional Development

Webinars are led by Andrew Lorimer-Derham from Think Square and are designed to help teachers:

  •  Develop a culture where maths is seen as an enjoyable pursuit.

  • Improve strategies for delivering content and getting students to practise skills.

  • Greater willingness to try new things, take risks and share ideas.

  • Learn to run hands-on games and activities that utilise effective teaching practise.



Yea High School has trialled the Maths Mate textbook in year 7 this year.  We have found it to be beneficial to the class and works well in a different ability classroom.  We are going to be using the textbooks in both year 7 and 8 next year.

Kathryn Isaac -

Head of Mathematics,

Yea High School

I have only starting trialling the Maths Mate Textbooks this year.  I love the colour and format and the variety of styles when getting students to engage in the variety of topics. The students really like doing the activities, tasks and even the tests.

John Bament -

Head of Mathematics,

O'Loughlin Catholic College

No more trawling the internet for questions, puzzles and rich tasks. They're all here!

Anna Beinke -

Head of Mathematics, 

Thomas More College

We cannot wait to get back into the classroom next week and start utilising everything and sharing all these new and exciting tasks with the rest of our team.

Stephanie Benge -

Salisbury High School

One of the real benefits I have seen in my class using the Maths Mate textbook is how quick they are to start the application part of their work (when compared to a traditional textbook). No need to rule up a page, but rather the focus is on the maths.

Luke Groves -

Learning Specialist, 

Carrum Downs Secondary College

Thanks for providing the books, they’re even better than I expected them to be. Yesterday I used the ‘Operation Reef Rescue’ in the Statistics book with a student who had a blast working his way through it (as did his learning support).

Caine Stabek -

Berry Street School

The rich tasks and the way the books are separated into topics is fantastic. This allows for learners to use one book at a time and for review purposes, they can easily find the book they need to go back over any missed concepts. The importance of writing in Mathematics is huge and thus the write-in format with the ability for students to unpack word problems for example, is so important too.

Erin O'Dwyer -

Head of Mathematics,

Catherine McAuley Catholic College

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