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A class set (25 copies) of the Year 7 (Blue) or 8 (Green) Maths Mate Textbooks and 8 Professional Development webinars throughout 2022, run by Andrew from ThinkSquare

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Putting the fun in fundamental

The Maths Mate Textbook Series

 Designed to go beyond fluency, the Year 7 and 8 Maths Mate textbooks are packed with vibrant, fun and creative learning tools which foster an engaging environment for all learners. The Educational Advantage along with Think Square have created a Maths Textbook that combines thought-provoking lessons with captivating exercises and activities. These textbooks relieve mathematical anxiety, and replace boredom and fear with curiosity and a desire to learn.

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Maths Mate Textbooks

Blue Textbook

Maths Mate Blue Textbook

RRP $39.95 AUD

Includes 11 booklets plus our Review Program. The book is aligned with the 2022 Australian Curriculum for Year 7. 

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Maths Mate Green Textbook

RRP $39.95 AUD

Includes 11 booklets plus our Review Program. The book is aligned with the 2022 Australian curriculum for Year 8.


Schools using the Maths Mate Textbooks have access to a wealth of additional resources. Teachers can utilise the free support material and professional development webinars. Our online learning platform sQuizya provides further options. On top of all of this, technical support is just a phone call away. What more could you want?

Teacher Resources
and Support

Additional activities, lesson planning suggestions, tests, access to our online forum and much more.

Access to our Online Learning Platform

Interactive and self-correcting resources for both the textbooks and review program are available through sQuizya.

Professional Development

8 FREE two-hour webinars, valued at over $500 pp, to support mathematical revolutionaries who are using our textbooks. 

Check out the link below to access a range of fun activities used throughout the Maths Mate Textbooks.