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As a parent I like the Maths Mate Program for its simplicity. My child and I know what to expect each week and we can see where to focus our efforts for maximum improvement. The Skill Builders are also a great help in this regard.

Bronwyn Fotherington / Parent

Our Year 7 and 8 students are finding the Skill Builders really helpful. These target and help improve specific skills in Maths. It’s so efficient for teachers to be able to direct students to the appropriate Skill Builder based on errors in the weekly Maths Mate worksheets.

Sara Gleeson / Mathematics Domain Leader / St Joseph’s College, Mildura

Maths Mate has improved my ability in every area of maths and has resulted in maths being my favourite subject.

Colleen Marks / Student

We are delighted with Maths Mate. Staff appreciate just how valuable they are for the detailed feedback they provide on the progress of individual students and of the class. They are also helpful in motivating students and have been part of our success in improving our state test scores. Parents appreciate the clarity of the feedback from the program and understand the importance of the Skill Builder worksheets in the process of intervention.

Sue Ditchfield /  Math Learning Area Coordinator / Junior School Leader

We really like using the Maths Mate for Year 7 to 10 at our school. It gives us great diagnostics into what each individual child can and cannot do, so we can integrate more meaningful differentiation into our instruction.

Melanie Brooks / Senior Mathematics / Rockhampton Girls Grammar School

My three children started using the program in primary school and continued every year until Year 10. I sincerely believe that Maths Mate is a major contributor to their success in maths. They all have a confidence that comes with consistent repetition and familiarity with each topic area, and the security that they have no holes in their knowledge base. This is invaluable when they enter Year 11 maths where multiple areas are drawn together. I highly recommend Maths Mate to any parent who wishes to help their child achieve their potential and be confident and competent in maths.

Colin Marks / Parent

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