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How to use the program

How to Use the Program

Follow the 7 easy steps below...

1. Complete the Worksheet

Students fills out the Maths Mate Worksheet. Parents sign the work.

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To quickly transfer incorrect answers to the results sheet rotate the page and align the bottom reference numbers with their corresponding numbers on the record keeping sheet.

Sample 7 Worksheet.png

2. Correct Completed Work

Students correct their work in class.

Over successive weeks strengths and weaknesses in particular skills become evident.

3. Test Students

The Teacher Resources includes A and B tests that can be completed after every four worksheets. These tests ensure diagnostics are accurate.


By maintaining records for each set of worksheets it allows teachers to gain a clear understanding of their student's progress. This progress can be passed on to parents to let them know how their child is developing.

MM 7 Worksheet Results Final.png

4. Maintain Teacher Records
for Easy Reporting

The Maths Mate results sheet provides teachers with a record of each student's progress allowing them to clearly show parents their child's strengths and weaknesses. 

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Teachers can easily identify which skills a student is struggling with and quickly assign the appropriate Skill Builder.

MM 7 Worksheet Results.png

5. Assign Intervention Materials

The appropriate Skill Builders can be assigned as identified on the record sheet.

6. Completes Skill Builder

Students are supported with instructions, worked examples, Glossary, Maths Facts, and further exercises to complete.

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A worked example is provided along with tips and tricks on how to tackle the specific type of questions. The student works through a series of skill based problems related to the skill that is being addressed.

Skill Builder 20.1 Alg exp.jpg

7. Correct Skill Builders

Teacher encourages student's efforts to get on top of all key skills.


When schools purchase a class set of Maths Mate workbooks the teachers are supported with free Teacher Resources and Skill Builders. These make the teacher's job as simple as possible, and the cost of running the program very reasonable. Contact us for more information. 



All skills acquired by students at each Maths Mate level relate to key mathematical strands.  Every strand is revised weekly.

Mathematical Strands USA 2020.png


Maths Mate has a consistent structure across all levels. Each term progressively increases in difficulty as the student strengthens their skills. The advanced (White) level is an in-between level for students that need an extra challenge. The blue shaded area on the graph shows the typical range of difficulty for each of the student workbooks.

Design benefits Updated 2020.png

Skill Builders

Maths Mate provides four Skill Builder editions, each spanning two year levels (Orange/Rose, Yellow/Red, Blue/Green and Mauve/Lime) to support quick, easy and helpful remediation for students who have difficulty in any particular mathematical area.


Each Skill Builder consists of:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to solve a typical question

  • A worked example

  • Practice questions

  • Answers

  • A Glossary of important terms

  • Maths Facts

How to use Skill Builders

1. Determine which Maths Mate questions pose a difficulty.

2. Find the relevant Skill Builder on the Maths Mate results worksheet.
3. Look up any unknown terms in the Skill Builder glossary.
4. Complete the relevant Skill Builders.
5. Correct the Skill Builders from the Skill Builder answer sheets.
6. Circle the completed skill numbers on the Maths Mate results worksheet.
7. Go back and repeat previous Maths Mate questions.

Maths Mate design and how Skill Builders relate

Any question on the Maths Mate worksheets is part of a set of 4 similar questions in the term.  For example, consider sheets 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Maths Mate Blue term 1. Question 12 on each sheet is similar in design, content and degree of difficulty. This grouping of question style is also true of the next set of four sheets and so on.  Thus the Maths Mate tests made available in the Teacher Resource PDF, also reflect this grouping of question style and substance. The Maths Mate worksheet results sheets found at the start of each term in each Student Workbook (and in each Teacher Resource PDF) enable students to find out what they know and what they still need to learn and practice. The relevant Skill Builder numbers are listed at the end of each set of 4 questions on the record keeping sheets.


Linking Skill Builders back to Maths Mate

Similarly, the Skill Builders can be linked back to each set of 4 corresponding Maths Mate questions.  These links are identified in the grid at the title of each skill. 

Once understood these links will be helpful to students, in their selection of Skill Builders, and teachers, in their allocation of Skill Builders to students.

Free Trial Pack

Free Trial Pack

Please take a moment to fill out the form below to receive a free Maths Mate Trial Pack PDF**.

Offer available until the 31st of July 2023.

Limited to a maximum of 3 files per school. 

Thanks for submitting!

**Each trial pack includes the first 4 worksheets of Term 1 from the Student Workbook, corresponding tests, Teacher Resources, and Skill Builder samples.

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